One World Cafe

The daily menu posting of the delicious specials at the One World Café, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Out with a Bang... time covering for the touring Bee has come to an end, and now I must leave, and watch my sister be wed - Then drink import beer and golf with the farmers.

So I'll try to out-do myself with:

Sweet and Sour Bean/Tofu/Pepper wraps stuffed with basmati and basil on hot and fresh flour tortillas that im frying up as we speak.

Served up with a side of sweet cucumber/broccoli/sunflower seed salad. I dare you to come try some [/food]

Also, there are still 4 warm scones here...count em - Four! Going quick. 2 dollhairs each.

Vive la 5.70 lunch!