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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

weekly menu update!

so i think we finally have our weekly menu fully worked out (after a little bit of shuffling). here it is:

mondays: we have amy cooking up a surprise! this will be the day that changes all the time. we will be trying to make it vegan always (unless otherwise posted)

tuesdays: sari will be cooking up thai food! curries, sesame tofu, awesome salads.. etc etc.

wednesdays: we have our lovely poison ivy doing her ever so popular indian food! tandoori tofu, chana masala, veggie curries, biriyani rice.. papadams and the list goes on...

thursdays: lasagna! both vegan and non.. they will change slightly every week and both sari and amy will be taking turns making this

friday: poison ivys indian again! see above

saturday: sheila will be making pizza! it will be served with some type of side and there will be a vegan and non-vegan

sunday: juans latin american brunch! this is a very popular one.. plaintains in glory, the best refried beans ive ever had, burritos, tamales, it changes every week

here you have it folks.. keep coming in for lunch and we will keep serving it



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